Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Essay Yohana Christanti 43019048 and Mandy Chung 42723450

The everyday aesthetics’ that we come across to in our daily life and practically seen by our own two eyes most of the time; whether it is in the street or inside the building; it has enable us to look at the world and its surrounding environment within it; in a bigger picture. As a result we sometimes forget the little tinniest things; whether it is an object or a living being that has taken, its changed overtime.  Since it has been unappreciated, criticised and unfortunately forgotten over time.

As Susan Murray stated in the concept of ‘everyday aesthetics’ through “The types of images we can create or engage with on a regular basis that evoke or reference the more ordinary or frequent moments of our lives”. As we walk in the street, without realizing sometimes things around us are alterin

g or taking its form. So, it is clear to say that everyday objects around us are virtually decaying overtime. We can use various ways to get these everyday objects to be noticed or appreciated once again by taking a nice pictures by using the camera with different view, lighting and different angles of camera. in doing so, we can also emphasized that most of us are practically still; ‘amateur photographers’.

To conclude, the photo essay expresses Murray’s concept of amateur photography and everyday aesthetics through the theme of street objects - decaying overtime, which is usually forgotten by most people and yet if we all pay a little attention to, it is surprisingly has its own unique features and characters which can be displayed and appreciated as part of our everyday life surrounding us.

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