Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Essay - Tangled



The idea behind our photo essay is to showcase the multifaceted nature of strings and lines that permeates through our mundane everyday life. It started of with cold, linear type of wires and slowly goes entangled into the more organic forms such as spaghetti and ropes. In portraying this, we took pictures from various kind of strands and string-like objects we can find around us as college students: Wires, spaghetti, cables, fence wires, headset, ropes, and even to jeans thread. The aim of this is to capture how these “mundane” objects has helped us to facilitate sustenance, entertainment, and a conducive working environment in our everyday life.  

The soundtrack used for this short photo presentation is a royalty free canned music sample by Apple titled “Stepping Out”. The music itself is a mixture of techno and pop with a very catchy rhythm, and we've remixed it to give it a more dynamic ending. As for the editing part, we tried our very best to synchronize the entrance of every single photo to the beat in order to smoothen the transition between pictures.

This group project is made by: 
Samuel Ip (43005624) and James Rotanson (42945062)

Posted by Samuel Ip

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