Thursday, October 11, 2012

MAS110 Photo Essay - City of Lights

Photo Essay Rationale
For our photo essay we chose to explore the main theme of the ‘everyday aesthetic’ of streetlights. Seeing as they are abundant in our everyday lives, we felt it would be interesting to explore as streetlights themselves go largely unnoticed. In our series of images, we were able to successfully capture S. Murray’s notion of the mundane nature of objects that an everyday amateur photographer can achieve. The photographs of the different lights are shown in a variety of settings and demonstrate their everyday aspect is present no matter the context. It is through our sub theme of ‘isolation’ that we are also able to draw upon the ‘everyday aesthetic’. In each photo a rather isolated feeling is portrayed, and the use of oversaturated and black and white filters helps to highlight this aspect. For such an everyday object, they go unnoticed and we can’t escape that isolated feeling. In this regard, I feel that our photographs of streetlights are able to successfully embody the notion of the mundane and the everyday aesthetic.

Albert Latham (42887410) and Rodney Alberts (43006280)

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