Thursday, October 11, 2012

MAS110 photo essay

Rationale for Photo Essay
Hannah Watt - 42467357
Monique Howard - 42878888

In creating this photo essay, our goal was to capture the simplicity of the ‘everyday aesthetic’. As mentioned by Susan Murray “the everyday image has to do with a move towards transience and the development of a communal aesthetic that does not respect traditional amateur/professional hierarchies” – this is what we tried to achieve in relation to the somewhat unseen characteristic of lines within objects.
Lines purvey in all facets of the everyday life, conveying that all things are connected through similar shapes and forms, furthermore illustrating the purpose of this photo essay.
Linear forms may be found in each aspect of the world around us, to see these lines we must blur the major & focus on the minor. Eliminating built, human & natural forms, forces the audience to seek out unusual and often hidden geometric patterns. The images selected for the proposed photo essay explore both literal & figurative linear geometry. Each photo aims to draw out the lines displayed within an object or creation of art, displaying the notion that, just as cells make up the human form, lines too make up tangible objects. Take the pages of a book, many pieces of paper stacked tall to create a novel…place the book on its side and see the lines of its pages, impossibly thin structures which come together to form a solid figure. This selection of photos aims to expose lines through colour, texture & depth…a certain stylized snapshot of the lines constructed amongst the objects in which I have photographed, which make up the everyday aesthetic. 

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