Thursday, October 11, 2012

MAS110 Photo Essay - Roadside Objects

'Roadside objects’ is the main theme of our video. In respect to everyday aesthetics, we believe that these objects are largely ignored and if one pays consideration to them, it makes the person  feel embarrass when others see them looking at such objects. We certainly felt a little awkward stopping on the side of the road to take a picture of 'garbage'.
Our sub-theme was 'abandonment' and how it relates to loneliness, coldness and sadness. We decided to use the iPhoto program and its tool of controlling the temperature of a picture. In our case, we decided to make every photo 'cold' using a blue tinged overlay over all them; hopefully creating a sense of melancholy and discard. Finally, we opted for Beethoven's 'moonlight sonata' to accompany our clip in its ability to evoke feelings of gloominess, unrequited romance, and a sense of being unseen.
In iMovie we used the 'fade to black' transition mostly in that we wanted to convey a ‘blink’, in that all we do is pass roadside objects with a blink of an eye, not noticing what can be reused. It’s suppose to convey our inability to notice the mundane everyday aesthetics. The main point to our clip is to personify inanimate 'roadside objects' in a sense that in an urban city our pre-loved objects become garbage; that anything can become broken, unwanted and we easily abandon what once was a precious thing.

By Tj Catubig (40830667) & Kevin Gonzales (42987318)

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