Friday, October 12, 2012

MAS110 Photo Essay - Number 15 Letterboxes

Video Rationale
Murray talks about the everyday aesthetic when it comes to amateur photography, especially when it appears on sites such as Flickr. She talks about how amateur photography has “become less about the special or rarefied moments of domestic living and more about an immediate, rather fleeting, display and collection of one’s discovery and framing of the small and mundane”. What, however, is the ‘everyday aesthetic’ that Murray talks about continually? She defines the everyday aesthetic through "the types of images that we can create or engage with on a regular basis that evoke or reference the more ordinary or frequent moments of our lives”. By using this definition of the everyday aesthetic, we believe that we have chosen a theme and a sub theme that flaunts an everyday aesthetic. The theme we have chosen is letterboxes, with a sub theme of the number 15. Murray thinks of the everyday aesthetic as something frequent that has reference to everyday life, everyone that owns or rents a house, flat or anything of that nature has a letter box. We all come into contact with letterboxes whether it be to identify a house or to check if we have mail. The letterbox is nothing without the number that is attached to it. That is why the sub theme is very important in showing the use of letterboxes in everyday life. The way that we identify if the letterbox is the correct one that we want, is by looking at the number. For the purpose of this photo essay we focused on one number, the number 15, in order to emphasize the differences between the letterboxes despite their similar numbering.

Cassandra Teo - 42654211
Lachlan Skulander - 42876478

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