Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Essay- A Story in Shoes
Shirley Huang-42871085
Max Chen-42446473

For our Photo Essay assignment our aim was to represent the ‘everyday aesthetic’. Murray defines everyday aesthetics as "the types of images that we can create or engage with on a regular basis that evoke or reference the more ordinary or frequent moments of our lives”. From this definition, we chose the theme of everyday clothing and specifically about shoes. Footwear is something that we can all relate to and it is a daily essential item we all take for granted throughout our lives. We understand that shoes are rarely the center of focus for clothing, it is usually just an addition or seen as just an accessory.
We believed that the photography of our shoes represented very mundane, every day foot wear that were applicable to many different occasions, hence justifying the reference to the ordinary and frequent moments of out lives.
The music we chose was upbeat / happy, this selection along with the photos edited in bright colours, aims to showcase and highlight the variety of shoes for any occasion.

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