Tuesday, August 21, 2012

YouTube Entertainment

Why wouldn't it work on TV?
- You can't  make a half-hour show out of changing people's rooms for revenge. Not unless there was a whole collection of it.
- There are already other revenge shows out there

- People looking for revenge for being fraped
- People with annoying brothers
- Facebook savvy people
- Bored people looking for random entertaining videos

The brother who was fraped.

The DIY/low-budget aesthetic?
- Using hand-held cameras
- Basic editing tools
- High quality editing

Quotation and re-appropriation: Is this leveraging any existing trends/themes?
Yes. Revenge. Fraping. Prank shows

Convergence: How does the video represent YouTube's convergent nature?
- Media is flowing across Facebook (social media), YouTube , etc
- Reappropriating television shows

By Cassie/Lachy/Samuel

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