Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cassie says Hi!


My name is Cassandra but most people call me Cassie (easier and less energy spent) ;)
I am a first year student in my second semester, doing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in International Communication.

MAS110 is a pre-req for Travel Journalism which I plan on taking next year. The other option for my pre-req was ENGL120 or something like that.
This sounded so much more fun =p

I have other blogs as well as a Pinterest and Tumblr (and a Facebook and Twitter) but all my accounts aren't linked. 
Just cos I can 0=D

I have basic knowledge in HTML but most of it has gone down the drain due to it not being used.

In my spare time I freelance for weekendnotes.com. I'm still new to it so I haven't written much.

I love spending my time outdoors whenever I can and enjoy hiking and rock climbing (back home in Malaysia - have not done either of it here).

Anyways, hope to get to know everyone better over the course!

Cheers =)

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