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42248515 MAS 110 Essay 1

MAS 110.  Convergent Media Essay.

With the developing of the technology, the digital media are having a huge evolution in nowadays. More and more new technology appears in our daily life. Those media platform almost have one common feature, all of those new media are affected by the media convergent. In the first part of this article, I will introduce the media convergence in our daily life, and in the rest of the article, I will discuss the phenomenon of the digital media convergence as the essential factor to the appeal of the advantage and new media.

The media convergence, which first layout by Ithiel de Sola Pool in his book Technologies of freedom, is the merge of different media platforms. As Jerkin defined, the media convergence is the flow of content across multiple media platforms. (Jerkin, 2006) The convergence is all around us – smartphones with video, radio and the Internet, radio over TV platforms and the Internet and TV over mobile platforms including digital radio, and the Internet, all facilitated by the move to digital technologies. (Dwyer, 2010) The increasing of the new media appears in our daily life in recent years, the XBOX, the smartphone, the handheld, the iPad, the kindle, all of those products bring us such a special experience. The increasing numbers of the new media users bring the huge economic benefits to the companies, which will stimulate the development of the new media. Nowadays, take the smartphone for instance, unlike few years ago, the smartphone is no longer a platform that could just make a phone call or send the message, this platform now include the map, music and video player, the game platform, the internet, the e-book reader and almost everything that relate to our daily life. The competition of the smartphone is actually the competition of the better convergence of the multiple media platform. This means the evolution of the new media technology will continues its developing in the following years. However, not everyone could adapt to the evolution like this, such as Jenkins, they still prefer to use a cellphone, a real cellphone that without other multiple functions. Some of the product, such as John’s phone, release an ‘anti-new media’ cellphone, and got the well received by the users. It shows that how popular is the new media using in nowadays on the other hand. As Wilken and Sinclair, the mobile phone has been described by advertisers as the ‘next great conduit between consumers and advertisers. (Rowan & Sinclair, 2009)

To discuss the contribution that the media convergence brings to the new media, there is no doubt that the internet is the place that most effected by the media convergence. With the increasing number of the video website, such as Youtube, the MTV online, the audience found that they could not only watch what they want on the television. The media convergence brings them more choices on the communication network. In Graham Meikle and Sherman Young’s book: Media Converge: Network Digital Media in Everyday Life, they argue that the media convergence can be understood into 4 parts, which are the technological, the industrial, the social and the textual. The textual part, which are the re-use and the remix of media into what has been termed a model that named ‘Transmedia’, where stories and media content are dispersed across the multiple media platforms, bring us the special experience on the YouTube, or other media platforms. And the increasing number of the user of the social network media makes the developing of the website such as Facebook, Twitter, or the Micro-Blog in China. This social part makes that social website become an essential part in our daily life. With the base of those social networks, the information explosion becomes a normal phenomenon on the Internet. One real-world example is the viral video. The viral video is a video that become popular by sharing on the social website such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, it could bring the huge increasing amount of the viewers. The video, the advertising of the Old Spice, is the great example for this phenomenon. The success of the video is not only brings the high visibility to the Old Spice, also brings the high economic benefits to the company. This is not the only issue that the viral video that could bring the economic benefits, most of the movie company, began to use YouTube to publicize their trailer, such as the Mission: Impossible, the Dark Knight, Prometheus, all those trailer got the highly attention on the YouTube. And some video, such as KNOY 2012, the movie got 50,000,000 viewer in the first week, this platform makes this documentaries got the unprecedented attention.

This article introduces the media convergence, and its contribution to the new media. There is no doubt that the media convergence brings a huge contribute to the advantage and new media. The media convergence is an essential step in the developing of the media, and as Jerkin suggest, the old media will never die. And this kind of convergence brings us a new way on the advertising. As we could see, the successful of the Old Spice, clearly shows that the advantage of this way of propaganda. More and more companies began to use the social website to spread their products. The appears of the advantage and new media, not only bring the huge economic benefit in the business area, also they makes the communication become more convenient. With the increasing of digital media technology, the advantage and new media will bring more special experience to us in such a long time.


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